A Random Act of Kindness

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Barry K. Wyrick, MS, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

A Random Act of Kindness (7-20-15)

One of the things that I have found very meaningful in my life is the practice of random acts of kindness.  It’s not usually big things.  I am the one who will stop and let someone else go through the aisle first at the grocery store.  I work hard at smiling at everyone I meet.  I work very hard to find a kind word whenever I can.  When I can help someone, I will.  I don’t do this for anyone but myself—it feels good.  Imagine my surprise when the Universe decided to pay me back.

I had been to the local food auction a couple of months ago, and my freezer that is beside my refrigerator was fully stocked.  So tonight I went to the food auction again with the intention of only getting a few things.  But the auction house was not full, and the prices were just too good.  I ended up buying over 50 pounds of meat for just over $100.00.  I had decided even before I left the auction that my next stop on the way home was to buy a small freezer.

So a quick swing by the Best Buy, and I found a small chest freezer just perfect for my needs (and the savings I made on the meat actually paid for the freezer).  A quick trip through the check-out line, and two very kind men came out of the store to help me load it in my car.  To give you an idea of what happened—I drive a Chevy Sonic—not a car you typically think of for hauling.  I moved the passenger seat forward and opened the back door of the car, and we were two inches short of getting it in.  I moved the passenger seat back and laid it down so we could try the front door, and we were two inches short of getting it in.  I opened the trunk, and we were two inches short of getting it in.  It is why my doctor thinks that I need to lose weight—I’m just two inches short!

As I was discussing taking the freezer back into the store and arranging to pick it up in a bigger vehicle the next day, the Universe smiled.  A lovely man and his wife pulled up behind me in a van and asked me if they could take the freezer home for me.  I was stunned but didn’t hesitate.  A quick lift into the back of their van, and my freezer was on the way home.  When we got the freezer into my house, I told the man to “Have a wonderful evening, because you have made mine wonderful.”  I don’t even know their names, I will probably never see them again in my life, yet they became the most important people in my life at that particular time of need.

I have frequently stated that my favorite Zen saying is, “Success is doing what the Universe puts in front of you each day.”  We get so busy and so focused on the demands and the irritations of each day that sometimes we don’t hold our heads up to see what’s in front of us.  It would have been really easy for the man and his wife to drive by me and say, “Look at that idiot trying to get that freezer in that little car.”  Instead, they saw that the Universe had given them to opportunity to practice a random act of kindness.  My day was brightened, and after a very difficult week, my faith in people was affirmed.  Every time that I open my freezer I will smile about the kindness that transported it to my house.  And I hope that the day of the man and his wife was brightened as well.

I recently told a lovely lady at the grocery store (after she had profusely thanked me for allowing her to go in front of me at the deli line) that there is far too little kindness in the world.  Tonight I was reminded how special an act of kindness can be.  I have found that it is as easy to be kind as it is to be mean.  It doesn’t cost us anything to be kind, and yet it feels so good.  I am always up for a free “feel good.”  My wish for you is that you can be as well.

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