About Us

Halcyon Management Group, Inc. is a human service management, consulting,  and holding company located in the Suncoast Region of Florida.  The company is registered as an S-Corporation in the State of Florida, and is entirely owned by President and Chief Executive Officer Bill Ropke.  The Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the company is Barry Wyrick.

Halcyon Management Group, Inc. offers management services to local human service agencies.  These services may include financial management, personnel management, clinical supervision, and other management services that an organization may wish to contract outside of their agency.  Additionally, Halcyon Management Group, Inc. offers consultation services to local businesses.  Mr. Ropke and Mr. Wyrick share over 50 years in the management of human services and have keen insight into effective operational strategies.  Mr. Ropke and Mr. Wyrick have also published several books regarding the management or provision of human services.  Please click here to go to the Halcyon Management Group home page.

As a holding company, Halcyon Management Group, Inc. owns and operates a family of companies.  The company owns Lighthouse Addiction Services, Lighthouse Counseling Services, Innovative Solutions Employee Assistance Program, and Halcyon e-Publishing.  The agency also is in partnership with StartFresh Counseling Georgia, Inc.  Please click on the name of the company to visit each company’s home page.