Substance Abuse Treatment

Lighthouse Addiction Services is a Florida-licensed outpatient substance abuse treatment program.  The program provides individual, family, and group counseling services for individuals who are experiencing problems in their lives due to their relationship with a mood altering substance.  The program utilizes a cognitive-behavioral approach to the treatment of substance use disorders, focusing participants on personal accountability and responsibility, consequences of behavioral choices (including substance use), and the role that the substance plays in the individual’s life.

Anger Management Program

Lighthouse Addiction Services offers an Anger Management Program that fulfills all of the requirements for court-ordered services.  The program is a 16-week psycho-educational group program, meeting weekly for one hour per week.  The program uses a structured curriculum that addresses the origins of anger, the identification of anger triggers, how anger works in the individual’s life, the consequences of inappropriate expressions of anger, and cognitive and behavioral alternatives to inappropriate expressions of anger.  An evaluation is required prior to enrollment in the program.

Batterers Intervention Program

Lighthouse Addictions Services offers a Batterers Intervention Program that meets all of the requirements specified in the Florida statutes for such programs.  The program is a 26-week psycho-educational group program that meets weekly for one and one-half hours.  The program uses a structured curriculum that addresses the origins of partner violence, the consequences of using violence, and alternative behaviors to partner violence.  Each participant is made aware of the Florida Statutes regarding domestic violence and how the cycle of violence builds and gets reinforced.  An evaluation is required prior to enrollment in the program, and all participants must attend an orientation group session.

One-Day Classes

Lighthouse Addiction Services provides one-day classes in Substance Abuse, Anger Management, and Shoplifting Prevention for individuals who are required to complete such a class.  All classes meet on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.  Participants must be on time to the classes as the doors are locked immediately at 9:00 am.  These programs utilize an educational format to address the topic of the class, with group participation and interaction an important element of each class.  Please click here to view the upcoming class dates.

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