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Barry K. Wyrick, MS, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

We’re Back! (6/4/15)

It is with our sincerest apologies and with great pride that we announce that our website at www.lighthouseaddiction.com and my blog on this site are back up and operational.  We are still working on completing all of the information on the site, but we have completed the process for you to register on the site and provide comments on my blog posts or to contact us with any questions that you may have.

I never imagined that I would become a web designer, but one of the things that I have learned in my career is that you learn to do what needs to be done.  We previously had a technical specialist who was doing all of our web design and postings for us, but he became unavailable to us.  With our goal of keeping our services affordable to those who use them, we could not hire a professional design service.  So our site is very straight-forward with no flashy graphics and no bells or whistles.  We hope that the site provides the information that our users need.

With the return, I would like to provide some updates for our organization.  First, Lighthouse Addiction Services and Lighthouse Counseling Services are now able to accept Medicaid in the state of Florida.  Second, through StartFresh Counseling Georgia, Inc., we have expanded our service provision outside of the state of Florida.  Third, through the acquisition of a Florida Department of Corrections contract, we have expanded our office locations from four to six in the southwest Florida area.  All of these changes are the culmination of years of work to be able to bring quality mental health and substance abuse services to more individuals across our region.

I would also like to highlight our partnership with Renewed Hope Counseling Services to offer quality mental health counseling services in our Englewood and Port Charlotte locations.  Pam Taylor has been with our agency for over six years, and she is working on completing her final requirements for licensure as a mental health counselor in Florida.  As a registered mental health intern, she is able to provide counseling services.  If I can be permitted to brag on one of my colleagues, I believe that Pam is one of the best counselors in southwest Florida.  She is currently accepting new clients, and she accepts Medicaid and self-payment on a sliding fee scale.

I always like to include some inspirational or educational content in my posts, so I will close with these thoughts.  All of us dream of things that we would like to change in our lives, or things that we would like to accomplish.  Some of us move to the next step of making these dreams into concrete goals.  Still fewer of us take these goals and proceed with concrete steps to bring them to fruition.  But the real challenge to us is what we do when we realize our goals.  Certainly we always need to pause to celebrate our successes.  Never hesitate to pat yourself on the back, because no one else may notice.  Next, when we reach a goal, we need to dedicate our energy at the same level to assuring success as we did to the steps to reach the goal.  Finally, we always want to ask ourselves, “What’s next?”  It is easy to fall into complacency and self-satisfaction.  It is harder but more rewarding to continue to strive for more.  So—keep your head up, look for the opportunities that the universe brings you each day, and never settle for where you are—keep moving toward where you want to be.

I am glad that we are back.  I promise that I will post regularly, and I look forward to when I am able to receive your comments.

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